Bosch 2608642530 Expert For Wood Circular Saw Blade 254 X 30 X 2,4mm, 60

Outer diameter mm: 254
Bore size mm: 30
Width of cut (b1) mm / Base bl. thickness (b2) mm: 2.4/1.8
Number of teeth: 60
Tooth shape: ATB
Max. rotation speed (RPM): 7500
Cutting result: 3
Pin hole/Pitch circle diameter: 2/7/42; 2/9.5/46.5; 2/9/46; 2/10/60
Hook angle ° w1: -5
Relief angle ° w2: 15
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Long Lifetime with High Cutting Performance in Wood

Expert for Wood Circular Saw Blade offers a long lifetime with high cutting performance in wood

Extra-hard Microteq teeth are manufactured in-house by Bosch from extremely strong carbide grains for high durability

Proteqtion coating prevents corrosion and reduces friction

Anti-vibration slots for particularly smooth cutting, considerably less noise and significantly reduced vibration

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