GRIPPS Retractable Ratchet / Wrench Holster

Key Features

  • Built-in retractor with a heavy-duty tether cable.
  • 2 x load rated d-rings providing additional tether anchor points.
  • Lightweight design with industrial toughness.

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Designed for working at height, the Retractable Ratchet/Wrench Holster keeps your tools secure and accessible in a lightweight and industrial-grade design.

A Velcro flap combines with the retractable steel tether to keep ratchets and wrenches secure when working at height.

Developed in the USA, the built-in retractor technology is the result of extensive research and on-site trialling,  featuring a heavy-duty steel tether cable and smooth, silent extension.


  • Max Length: 1.2m/47″
  • Max Load (D-Ring): 2.5kg/5.0lbs
  • Max Load (Retractor): 0.7kg/1.0lbs
  • Tool Included: None
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