LED Scaffolding Lamp

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LED Scaffold Lights are available in either a flashing or static ‘non flashing’ mode.

Flashing amber is the standard option for a scaffolding warning light. The static ‘non flashing’ Red and White are ideal for pedestrian warning.

Three colour options Amber, Red and White.

Weight                                  1.5kg

Flash Rate                            80 per minute

Light Intensity                     27.64 Lumens

Light Frequency                 589nm (bright amber)

Material                               3mm thick pacified steel

Lens                                       50mm diameter reinforced plastic

Fittings                                  Tamper resistant security bolts

Overall size                          135mm wide, 90mm diameter, 175mm end to end

Power supply                      2 ‘C Type’ batteries

Voltage                                 3V

Expected battery life        Flashing option in excess of 12 months, approximately 6 months on static, with the dusk to dawn sensors.

Daylight sensor                  Automatically operates from dusk to dawn

Water Resistant


Flashing Amber, Flashing Red, Flashing White, Static Amber, Static Red, Static White

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