Monarflex MultiTarp

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An exceptionally strong, high quality reinforced tarpaulin providing maximum safety and protection.

Icopal Monarflex MultiTarp the UKs market leading high performance tarpaulins, they possess exceptional strength and have proven ability to withstand the rigours of long-term construction work.

Icopal Monarflex MultiTarp possess excellent UV stability and will not become brittle in sunlight remaining both waterproof and rot free providing continual protection from the elements for up to 16 months.

The tarpaulins are suitable for use inside or outside and are ideal offer the maximum protection at the best value for money.

Six good reasons to choose Monarflex MultiTarp

  • Top quality reinforced plastic – fully waterproof
  • Unique fixing eyelets  exceptional performance and durability
  • Long lifetime high and low temperature stability
  • High UV-resistance maintains performance in strong sunlight
  • Easy to work with lightweight, soft and flexible material
  • Environmentally friendly reusable and non polluting when incinerated

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3m x 4m, 4m x 4m, 4m x 5m, 4m x 6m, 4m x 8m

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