NLG Ascent Bucket Liner

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Product Overview

The Bucket Liner is a purpose designed liner for the NLG Ascent Bucket to increase rigidity transforming the Ascent Bucket into a fully-fledged tool storage system for working at height. The liner forms a rigid lining to the bucket that retains its shape and protects the contents.

Once the Liner is added to the Ascent Bucket, it adds 4 further tool storage pockets without interfering with the internal anchor D rings. A valuable addition to the bucket which can be easily inserted or removed and stored flat when not in use.

Additional Information

Works with NLG Ascent Bucket to provide rigid body structure and increased content protection Four internal pockets for handy access and tool organisation Fast installation with easy Velcro fastening Simply store flat when not in use to minimise space requirement Unique serial number for easy identification and tracking CE marked Dimensions: 98cm (L) x 26cm (W)

120mm x 3mm, 150mm x 3mm, 170mm x 3mm

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