NLG Heavy Duty Retractable Tool Lanyard, Quick Clip

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Product Overview

The rugged construction of the Heavy Duty Retractable Tool Lanyard makes it fit for the toughest conditions, finished with 3 anti-tangle connector options. A further 2 attachment variants for quick anchorage, make it the most robust retractable system.

Additional Information

  • Fully rubberised ABS housing with improved skeletal frame for the harshest environments
  • Removable back bridge offers versatility with direct connection to belt or harness
  • PU coated wire cable is durable and easy to clean
  • Equipped with Quick Clip™ for rapid connection and effortless use with gloves
  • Retractable design reduces snagging hazards in confined spaces
  • Use 101455 Attachment Loop for fast anchoring Ideal for fixed anchor point work
  • Unique serial number for easy identification and tracking
  • CE marked
  • Dynamic load tested and third-party certified (2:1 safety factor)
  • Dimensions: Extends from 20cm to 135cm
  • Max Load: 3KG (6.6lbs)
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