NLG Locking Retractable Tool Lanyard

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Product Overview

The NLG Locking Retractable Lanyard is an ultra-low profile self-retracting tool lanyard. Designed to fit onto any anchor point with its double action carabiner, it provides almost 360°coverage and free movement whatever the position.

The unique locking mechanism, once activated, allows uninhibited use without any restraint and is quickly released. The rot-proof and rust-proof webbing coil ensures an almost maintenance-free operation for use with tools up to 1.5kg in weight.

Additional Information

  • Locking mechanism allows instant lock-out at any point
  • Resilient double action stainless steel carabiners
  • Retractable design reduces snagging hazards in confined spaces
  • Anti-tamper security markings protect unit integrity
  • Unique serial number for easy identification and tracking
  • CE marked
  • Dynamic load tested and third party certified (2:1 safety factor)
  • Dimensions: Extends from 30cm to 140cm
  • Max Load: 1.5KG (3.3lbs)
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