NLG Super Heavy Duty Webbing Tool Lanyard

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Product Overview

The Super Heavy Duty Tool Lanyard is a flat webbing lanyard that is specifically designed for use with very heavy power tools, and hand tools weighing up to 38KG. The twistlock double action carabiner ensures that there can be no accidental release whilst in use. The loop end of this lanyard can be used to loop around the captive handle of a power tool, through a manufactured captive eye, or around a fixed object or beam. This lanyard is made from flat webbing and has no elastication, making it ideal for use with MEWPs or working platforms. The long length means that you can work in a large area without having to disconnect the tool or lanyard. All tools weighing over 2.5KG should be tethered to a fixed object rather than your body.

Additional Information

  • Large twistlock double action locking carabiner that can be easily released with one hand, and with gloves on
  • Coated nylon webbing is tough but flexible reducing stretch resistance
  • Flat webbing ensures that there is no resistance to movement, making working from a fixed point or MEWP easier
  • Dimensions:180cm x 25mm
  • Load Rated, and Third Party certified with a 2:1 safety factor
  • Unique serial numbering for identification and tracking
  • CE Marked
  • Max Load: 38KG (83.6lbs)
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