NLG Tether Loops pack of 10

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Product Overview

NLG Tether Loops provide an approved way of creating a load rated tether point whilst still on site for tools that have a captive eye or captive handle. Simply pass the Tether Loop through the hole or handle on the tool and using the screw gate secure the loop in place. To create a permanent Tether Loop, use Loctite or a similar thread locking glue on the screw gate. For a non-permanent option, ensure the screw thread is fully tightened and secure. The Tether Loop is an ideal retro-fit option that allows you to create a tether point within seconds and can be used on most tools including hammers, saws, screwdrivers, adjustable spanners, ring and open end spanners. The Tether Loop has a protective PU coating that makes it hard wearing, durable and suitable for many different industries including Construction, Utilities, Nuclear, Oil Gas and General Industry.

Additional Information

  • Tether Loops have an aircraft grade steel core, coated in a protective PU, making hard wearing, and easy to maintain
  • Site application – the tether loop’s special screw thread mechanism means safe site installation is possible. Tools do not need to be sent off site.
  • Quick to install – can be installed quickly without the need of specialist tools and whilst wearing gloves.
  • Non Conductive – suitable for use within high voltage environments
  • Dimensions:120mm x 3mm
  • Dimensions:150mm x 3mm
  • Dimensions:170mm x 3mm
  • Load Rating: 3KG
  • Load Rated, and Third Party certified
  • Unique serial numbering for identification and tracking
  • CE Marked
  • Max Load: 3KG (6.6lbs)

Per pack of 10


120mm x 3mm, 150mm x 3mm, 170mm x 3mm

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