NLG Tether Tape

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Product Overview

NLG Tether Tape uses advanced self-fusing silicone technology to create load rated tether points on any tool within seconds. As most tools are not designed with a manufactured attachment point, NLGs Instant Tether System uses Tether Tape and D Rings to quickly retrofit tether points, ready for any tool lanyard to connect to.

No heat source or other specialist tools are required to fit Tether Tape as it is simply activated by stretching. It fully bonds to itself within 24 hours at room temperature, but is tested and certified for immediate use. Because no adhesive is used in the process, the retrofitted tool tether can be easily removed when no longer required, leaving no sticky residue or permanent damage to the tool.

NLG Tether Tape features a fibreglass reinforcement mesh for exceptional strength, durability and resistance against tears and punctures.

Pair with a Large D Ring, Small D Ring or Non Conductive D Ring for common hand tools or use with Tether Choke single arm or twin arm when securing power tools and large straight shafted tools. Based on a general selection of hand tools, one roll will tether up to 10 tools on average.
Reduce wastage when the tether point is no longer needed by simply cutting away the Tether Tape and retaining the D Ring Tether or Choke so that it can be reused on another tool.

The flexibility and speed of the combined Instant Tether System make Tether Tape the first choice across a broad range of industries. Keep a roll to hand, and a selection of D Rings, and you will never be caught out again.

Additional Information

  • Self-fusing stretch activation allows for quick and simple installation – no extra tools required
  • Adhesive free design means no sticky residue left on the tool when removed
  • Fibreglass reinforcement mesh, for high strength and durability
  • Adds comfortable ergonomic grip to tool handles
  • Inherently flame retardant and when burned forms a non-conductive ash
  • Effective temperature range: – 50°C to 250°C
  • Dynamic load tested and third party certified (2:1 safety factor)
  • Dimensions: 25mm x 2.8M
  • Max Load: 5KG (11lbs)
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