BLC Construction Supplies are excited to offer ReactivAir. A pollution eating speciality coating made from naturally occurring materials that improves air quality by using energy from natural sunlight to breakdown harmful pollutants and odour molecules in the air.


It can be used on a wide range of sheeting applications eg. Building wraps, Scaffold sheeting , Netting, Rail and Roadside billboards.


Results from Sheffield University show 1m2 of coated material can take out approx 2g of NOx per day. As an example just 1 roll of 2m x 45m scaffold sheeting (c.90m2) coated completely with ReactivAir, will potentially remove the pollution created by 250 cars, every week.


ReactivAir is a fantastic environmental breakthrough, to discuss the various options, please contact us for further details.


A clean technology to improve air quality.


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