RGL28 Chaser Twin Leg Self Retracting Lanyard

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£225.00 ex VAT

Product code: RGL28
Accredited to: EN 360:2002
  • 0.85m – 2m (including hooks)
Weight: 2.15kg
Material: 15mm high strength UHMWPE
Max Arrest Force: <6kN
  • 2 x RGK11SL
  • RGK2P
  • Eliminates tripping hazards when working at height
  • Reduces fall distance
  • Fitted with shock absorber pack


Product Description

This Chaser option is a self retracting twin leg lanyard. It comes fitted with a shock absorber pack, and contains retracting lines that lock at the onset of a fall. The reduced trip hazard and ultra-compact design make this unit ideal for tight work and tasks where a shorter arc of mobility is required. The chaser range is certified to EN360:2002. Additionally, it also meets the dynamic requirement of EN355:2002, which involves a 100kg mass dropped a distance of twice the length of the extended lanyard, and the peak force below 6kN.

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