ScaffGrip Tube Lifting Sling

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ScaffGrip Tube Lifting Sling

ScaffGrip Lifting Slings are lifting accessories designed to provide a convenient method of lifting scaffold tubes in complete safety. They provide a grip around the scaffold tube to prevent the item from slipping or dropping during lifting and avoiding accidents as a consequence. The ScaffGrip lifting slings have a safe working load of 30Kg making them suitable to lift all standard scaffold tubes

This Sling is intended for lifting a single BS EN 39 scaffolding tube. It can be used in conjunction with a SpanSet Safe Lifting Kit to safely lift scaffold equipment. Alternatively the ScaffGrip Tube or ScaffGrip Board can be connected directly into a lifting hook or via a shackle

The ScaffGrip Tube is manufactured from a 100% polyester yarn core, wound continuously together in the form of an endless sling. The core is protected by a 100% polyester outer tubular sleeve. The core is protected by a 100% polyester outer tubular sleeve

Supplied in a pack of 4

SWL: 30kg


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