Scaffolding and Barrier Safety Light

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£18.15 ex VAT

This innovative lighting solution is designed to fit quickly and securely to all types of scaffolding and other industrial applications with optional side or vertical brackets.
The product provides a simple, robust and tamper proof solution to the increasing need to clearly illuminate scaffolding and construction areas.

This photocell activated product provides either 360 degree or uni-directional flashing light with prolonged battery life, particularly during the summer months when you are likely to leave the job before it gets dark and will be light before you get back the next day.


  • 360 Degree polycarbonate amber lens option for maximum visibility
  • Uni-directional option
  • Integrated photocell (Activated by darkness)
  • Alternate on/off switch
  • Mounting bracket included (2 purchase options)
  • Robust polycarbonate suitable for industrial applications
  • Hexagon security screws (Tool provided)
  • Easily installed or moved with use of mounting brackets
  • Sealed against dust and water
  • Colour lens Amber.
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