Super Seal Plug – Bags of 500

Our Super Seal Safety Plug reduces the danger of injury by falling objects from within scaffold tubing. The Super Seal Safety Plug provides a complete seal when fitted as instructed. This new product has been designed in conjunction with industry experts to address this important area of concern for many construction companies.

Quick and easy to install and fully removable, with a special tool.

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£175.00 ex VAT

  • Easy to install and importantly easy to remove.
  • Tamper proof, only removable with the special tool.
  • Can be easily positioned at a depth that allows it to be used with a joint pin.
  • Removes the potential of foreign objects entering the tube.
  • The SSP Cap can form a complete inner seal of the scaffold tube.
  • Stops spiders, reptiles & rodents from being transported in the tube.
  • Ideal for use in contaminated / wet areas. Small end cap will seal the end of the SSP.
  • Will stop cross contamination in food processing, pharmaceutical production and many other highly sensitive areas, by keeping any residue or contaminates inside the tubes.
  • Transponders can be easily fitted, for tracking movement of tubes (e.g. Nuclear power stations, or other highly controlled
  • Fully compatible with the use of base plates.
  • Easy to fit in stacks of tube, even if they are not all flush, allowing a perfect fit every time.
  • When erecting scaffolding on jetties or other structures that are submerged by tidal waters, the SSP will stop the inside of the tubes from silting up.
  • The small end push in cap can be made any colour to help with the identification of tubes
  • Essential in keeping mortar, renders and muck out of the tube.
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