Tri-Barrier Acoustic System

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Our Sound Absorbing Barrier was designed differently to others as other barriers are just noise blockers.

  • The carefully chosen black glass cloth face is acoustically transparent allowing the sound to be absorbed by the core whilst repelling water. The glass cloth is fire resistant and the colour will not wash out.
  • The excellent sound absorbing acoustic core is a polyester fibre wadding which is made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Each 2m x 1.2m barrier saves 197 plastic bottles(500ml) from landfill.
  • The PVC face can be supplied in several colours to match your corporate brand and can have your printing accommodated.

Sound is a complex study. You have Sound Pressure, Sound Power and Sound Intensity. You have different frequencies of sound, all of them are heard differently and some frequencies humans cannot hear. You also have sound insulation and sound absorption 2 quite different things.

The frequency range is the critical factor as their wavelengths determine how effective barriers work. The best possible performance you will get from a 2m high barrier is around 12dB. The reason is the wavelength. Even if the barrier were 12m thick concrete it would not help as all frequencies below 165Hz have a wavelength that is greater than 2m, so it goes over the top of the barrier. Higher frequencies are much easier to deal with. As the wavelength reduces so does the ability to move through solid objects and even the atmosphere. Our standard barrier gives a Sound Reduction Index value of 32dB at 4000Hz. Many companies quote the high frequency values which is pointless!

What we have done is to make a barrier as light as possible to handle but to still give as high a value as is practical. Our product is the only one on the market that absorbs the energy as well as acting as a barrier. Think in terms of taking your soft furnishings out of a room to decorate, it becomes highly reverberant. Our product reduces reverberation at the noise source as well as acting as a barrier. As a sound absorber our product, tested in a lab, has a Sound Absorption of 0.95 NRC. So, 95% of sound impacting on the barrier is absorbed.

12dB is still highly effective as the dB scale is logarithmic so every 3dB reduction is half. So, a 10dB reduction is 10 times quieter. Although to the human ear it feels like half.

A 3dB reduction is only just noticed, a 5dB reduction sound like a bit of a reduction but a 10dB drop sounds like half. If you can also absorb some of the energy as well as insulating the sound you get a much greater performance.

Standard size: 2m x 1.2m

For logo branded or bespoke panel sizes, please contact us.


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