Our Recycling Scheme

The UK Construction Industry has one of the highest rates of waste and as a supplier of plastic material BLC Construction Supplies Ltd want to play their part in helping to reduce the carbon footprint and the negative impact caused by the lack of recycling options for sheeting products, with the resulting negative effects on our planet.

We are now able to offer a recycling solution that minimizes the need to send sheeting to landfill or incineration and enable our customers to choose one of the most ethical & sustainable solutions for the recycling of their sheeting & netting.

There are so many benefits to recycling plastic including:

  • Reducing the amount of waste that sent to landfills or incinerators.
  • Conserving natural resources, since plastic is made from petroleum.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, since the production of plastic from petroleum generates substantial amounts of carbon dioxide.
  • Creating jobs in the recycling industry.
    Providing a source of raw materials for the manufacture of new products.
  • Recycling plastic can also help to reduce the pollution caused by plastic waste, since plastic that is incorrectly disposed of can end up in the oceans, where it can harm marine life and ecosystems.

How does the scheme work?

  • We supply a bespoke crate 2m x 1.2m x 2m high. (This will be delivered with your stock order)
  • Your used sheeting is collected by you from site and returned to your yard and folded into the crate. The rolls should be free of major contaminants and any fixings.
  • FR, Plain and printed sheeting along with debris netting can be mixed in the same crate.
  • Once full, pallets should be prepared for collection by stretch-wrapping and secured with strapping (please refer to photos/instructions)
  • When complete, contact BLC Construction Supplies to arrange collection.*
  • We will issue a label to be fixed to the pallet showing reference number.
  • We then require a photo of the label & pallet to confirm its suitability for collection.
  • The filled pallet will then be collected and shipped to the Recycling facility. A certificate will then be issued detailing the weight recycled.

A collection charge will be applied at the time of collection.*Currently this is set at £225 +vat for the 2mtr x 1.2mtr x 2mtr high crate.*

Note. With the correct folding & stacking it is possible to load between 35 and 40 rolls of 2m sheeting on each pallet (approx. 700kgs)



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